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  • Your firm is bidding on a foreign government contract and has foreign competition.  We advocate on behalf of US owned entities seeking contracts overseas.
  • Your organization believes it is being treated unfairly in an overseas business tender.
  • Your business is facing unfair competition due to discriminatory tender documents or specifications.
  • You are facing 'old boy' networks or collusive bidding practices on a government tender.
  • You are a defense industry company and are bidding on a foreign military contract.
  • Your firm is bidding on Multilateral Development Bank* sponsored projects and needs assistance.
    (* World Bank, Asian Development Bank, EBRD, African Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank)
Overseas Payment Disputes
You need to resolve a payment dispute with a foreign entity.  For certain cases Exedra Partners is prepared to step in and advocate on your behalf to resolve payment disputes.  This is one area where we can work with foreign companies if the amount involved is sufficient to engage outside counsel. Exedra Partners can leverage our contacts with US embassies overseas, as well as our extensive network of foreign government officials to seek resolution.